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Sheffield Cycle stands

Bike Racks and Bike Stands

Bike racks and bike stands are an essential addition to any shelter that further enhances their usability to the public and cyclists. Adding cycle stands to a small bike shelter at a school can ensure that your students have somewhere secure to lock their bikes up whilst protecting them from the elements.

For public spaces, with more people being encouraged to cycle to reduce their carbon footprint, adding a secure bike rack to a location can increase cyclists confidence in the area and give them peace of mind that they can leave their bicycles for the day.

Our Sheffield Cycle Stands are made to the best specifications and are built to last, and with a range of options, we can guarantee we will be able to find a cycle rack that suits your needs. Our cycle stands are available in either:

  • Single concreted rack
  • Single bolted down rack
  • Bolt down toast rack

The Sheffield Cycle Stand comes as 750mm wide and 750mm high, with 800mm spacings and a galvanized finish as standard, however, we may be able to customize these where possible. Please contact us for more information.

If you are looking for a better space-saving option, then consider our two-tier cycle rack solution which can double up on the number of bikes stored whilst using a similar space to the Sheffield Cycle Stand

Why Choose Clovis

At Clovis Canopies we believe that all our canopies and shelters serve a purpose to the community they are placed in, no matter the environment. It could be a school or playground canopy, a warehouse canopy, or even an entrance canopy to protect people from the elements. Regardless of the canopy, we strive to give you the best possible quality, and this extends to our canopy additions.

Our Sheffield Cycle Stand and bike racks are made with the best materials and are finished to the highest standard that ensures our cycle stand is not only sturdy and secure but can also stand the tests of weather and the environment.

Our business is gained through word of mouth, and we want to ensure that when we leave a job the customer is 100% satisfied and confident that their product will last. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us.

Other Services

We cover a wide range of services, ranging from canopies and shelters through as well as addons to further enhance these structures. If you are interested in installing a bike shelter alongside a cycle rack at your school, place of business or communal area then please get in touch to  see how we can help you.

Alternatively, if you are looking for further canopies for your school or place of business, please take a look at our canopy uses or market sectors to see how we can help you out.

Get in touch with us today, at Clovis Canopies we can accommodate most requirements and are happy to provide bespoke canopies.

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