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Freestanding Canopies, Walkways & Shelters

Our freestanding, permanently fixed canopies are designed so that no other support is required. This makes them the perfect choice for a subtle entrance canopy that does not have too many supports throughout.

By using structural steel and suitably designed concrete pad foundations, our canopies can be supplied as free-standing units, independent of any other building or standing alongside without imposing any loads on the existing buildings.

Take a look through a sample of our projects below so you can see just how striking and subtle a free-standing canopy can be, and how these can provide the perfect addition to your land, or a handy shelter for parents, workers or customers.

We have a range of designs available for freestanding canopies from Ascot to Cantilever and can be placed in all manner of places from hospitals and schools to football stadiums.


Freestanding Canopies, Walkways & Shelter Projects

Why Clovis Canopies?
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Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
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