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We supply and install school canopies to primary schools, secondary schools and colleges across the UK. For more info and a free quote, get in touch today.

Quality school canopies

Clovis Canopies have established a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of canopies for schools in the UK. From our elegant metal canopies in Uxbridge and Oxford entrance canopy designs to our stylish Ascot and Keston covered walkways, our enormous range of high-quality canopies, shelters and walkway covers are suitable for just about any school application and can be designed to suit even the most exacting requirements.

Primary school shelters

Enabling children to learn outside the classroom is regarded by Ofsted as a key factor in early years education, but in order to provide a safe and comfortable outdoor environment for their pupils, many junior schools require the installation of specially designed playground shelters and covered walkways.

Canopies for schools is one of our specialties, and our primary school canopies, shelters, and covers are designed to provide young children with the opportunity to learn and play outside whatever the weather. Providing a seamless link between the classroom and the outdoors, our canopies offer protection from the wind, rain, and sun and can provide junior school teachers with the perfect environment in which to develop their pupils in an external environment – as recommended by Ofsted’s Early Years Foundation Stage report.

Ofsted strongly recommends outdoor covered play areas to facilitate outdoor all-weather learning. In addition, UK schools are being actively encouraged to provide shaded areas to help protect children from potentially harmful UV rays and minimise the risk of sunburn while playing or studying outside. Permanent canopies and covers provide shaded areas on sunny days and a dry area for inclement weather, facilitating weather-independent outside learning all year round.

Need a secondary school canopy?

Although secondary school children and college students require far less supervision while outside, they have other educational and social requirements that can only really be satisfied where outdoor canopies and shelters are installed. For example, many secondary school students ride bicycles to school, so providing a waterproof bike shelter for their students is invariably a good idea.

Many secondary schools and colleges have under-utilized outdoor areas. By covering these areas with a weather-resistant canopy structure they can serve as outdoor or alfresco dining areas, recreation areas, outdoor classrooms, outdoor locker rooms, meeting areas and “chill out” areas for students and teachers/lecturers. Once installed, our canopies and shelters can help to reduce congestion within the main school buildings and corridors during break times, thereby reducing associated maintenance costs and allowing more comfortable passage through the school/college.

Canopies for School Entrances

As well as providing canopies and shelters for outdoor recreational and educational areas, we can also supply and install a wide range of entrance canopies and porches that not only serve as an architectural focal point but also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather whilst queuing or waiting for access into the building. Our entrance canopies come in a range of free-standing and wall-mounted styles, and, as with all of our products, are manufactured to the very highest standards.

Why do you need canopies for schools?

As schools, academies and colleges expand, facilities can become detached from the main building. This can lead to students being exposed to wind and rain prior to attending their lessons – not a pleasant experience. To combat this, we offer a range of purpose-built walkway systems to enable the safe, comfortable and dry transition between buildings and facilities by creating externally covered walkways. As with our entrance canopies and area shelters, our school walkway covers are available in a range of styles and can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.

We also provide canopies for the following industries:

Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
After sales service

Applicable Designs

Ascot Wave Form Canopy

The Ascot Wave Form canopy design is an alternative to the standard lean-to and barrel vault styles. It uses a single rolled box section for the roof arches giving a…

Kent Umbrella Canopy

A fresh addition to our large range of canopies and shelters, we are pleased to introduce the Kent Umbrella. Contemporary and stylish the Kent Umbrella can be used to further…

Keston Mono-pitch Lean-to Canopy

The Keston Mono-pitch Lean-to canopy is purpose designed for the public market, this is not a lightweight domestic canopy designed for the domestic patio. Using large structural steel sections uninterrupted…

Oxford Lean-to Canopy

The Oxford twin hoop, trellis arch design is one of the most popular in our range of canopies. The lean-to format can be used to butt up to existing walls…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your canopies usable all year in all weathers?

Yes unlike some solutions that need to be taken down in the winter or during high winds our canopies are designed to be useable all year round. The cladding materials as well as providing shade are also waterproof so that they can be used during wet weather.

Can we view existing canopies, so that we know what we are buying?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company, it is in fact strongly recommended that you visit an existing installation to see exactly what you are paying for. At Clovis Canopies we are proud of our work and are happy to arrange (with the clients consent) for you to view examples of our work and structures.

Do you fix your canopies directly onto tarmac?

No, all canopies are fixed on to concrete pads or bases as the structures can lift out from the ground if not fixed into a suitable concrete base due to the uplift created by wind acting on the roof area.

Do you use Polycarbonate, PETG, GRP or Acrylic for non fabric cladding?

At Clovis Canopies we use polycarbonate roofing as although slightly more expensive, we find it has a better combination of strength, impact resistance, sheet size and colour, fire / flame resistance and longevity of life than any of the other above mentioned cheaper materials.

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