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Hospital and Care Home Canopies

Providing shelter on hospital and healthcare properties is vital. Individuals who are ill or elderly can be easily affected by the elements and loading and unloading them can take longer. The right structure or canopy can also help to ensure that both patients and their families receive a warm welcome, and provides a stylish, visually pleasing entrance.

At Clovis Canopies, we provide structures suitable for a number of uses within hospitals and care homes, including entrance canopies, walkways and ambulance or patient drop off shelters.

Ambulance / Patient Drop Off Shelters

Our range of patient drop-off canopies are specially designed to ensure that patients, their families and hospital staff are protected from the elements when they are dropped off or arrive at the hospital. A safe and dry transfer from vehicle or ambulance into the hospital is particularly important for patient comfort and their wellbeing.

Large span canopies offer the ability to enable dry transfer between ambulances or cars for the patients. We not only offer canopies that are specifically designed for patient drop off, but we can also custom design a canopy to suit your specific needs. A popular option for several hospital structures are metal canopies with glass cladding.

Pedestrian Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies or porches not only serve as an architectural focal feature, but they also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather whilst unlocking or waiting for access to the building. Hospitals and care homes have a large number of people coming and going throughout the day, and the right canopy or porch will ensure that they are sheltered from the elements when they arrive and depart.

Our range of entrance canopies are manufactured to the highest standards and can be adapted to a variety of building types to suit your needs.

Covered Walkways

As sites expand, facilities including car parking can become detached from the main building. Hospitals and care homes, in particular, are often spread across a large property with several separate buildings.

We offer a range of purpose built walkway systems to enable the safe and dry transition between buildings and facilities for patients and staff. All of our walkway canopy systems can be customised to suit individual requirements, and additional features such as lighting and side panels can be incorporated.

Quiet Zone Shelters

Providing shelter within gardens creates weather protected quiet zones to help facilitate patient recovery. Many styles from our range of canopies are suitable for this purpose. With all of our canopies being made to suit the individual site, features such as anti-climb and anti-ligature point can be built in for facilities that require them.

We also provide canopies for the following industries:

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Applicable Designs

Apollo Entrance Canopy

The polycarbonate clad Apollo entrance canopy is one of the most popular of our entrance canopy designs. The Apollo is supported by two or more columns and is entirely freestanding.…

Bespoke Canopies

We can fabricate almost any size and shape canopy, using fabric, polycarbonate or glass as the cladding material. Our standard structures and canopies are available in a wide variety of…

Ascot Cantilever Walkway Canopy

The Ascot Cantilever walkway canopy uses a more substantial single piece hoop. The roof of the canopies can either be clad with flame retardant waterproof PVC fabric or polycarbonate.


Example Projects


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your canopies usable all year in all weathers?

Yes unlike some solutions that need to be taken down in the winter or during high winds our canopies are designed to be useable all year round. The cladding materials as well as providing shade are also waterproof so that they can be used during wet weather.

Can we view existing canopies, so that we know what we are buying?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company, it is in fact strongly recommended that you visit an existing installation to see exactly what you are paying for. At Clovis Canopies we are proud of our work and are happy to arrange (with the clients consent) for you to view examples of our work and structures.

Do you fix your canopies directly onto tarmac?

No, all canopies are fixed on to concrete pads or bases as the structures can lift out from the ground if not fixed into a suitable concrete base due to the uplift created by wind acting on the roof area.

Do you use Polycarbonate, PETG, GRP or Acrylic for non fabric cladding?

At Clovis Canopies we use polycarbonate roofing as although slightly more expensive, we find it has a better combination of strength, impact resistance, sheet size and colour, fire / flame resistance and longevity of life than any of the other above mentioned cheaper materials.

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