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Canopy Uses

Cycle Shelters & Bike Storage

Our range of cycle shelters and bike storage facilities offer a perfect solution to storing bicycles away.
Whether you’re looking for a bike canopy for schools and colleges, hospitals and care homes, public transport or commercial and industrial premises, we have an array of canopies to suit almost any environment.

Cycle shelters not only provide a safe environment they also offer protection from adverse weather conditions and free-up space inside the home or office. We are able to manufacture and install open or secure cycle shelters, compounds and hubs to cater for all requirements. These shelters can be supplied with either the traditional Sheffield type hoop stands or with 2 tier gas assisted racks to maximise bike capacity per square metre of floor space.

Browse our range of bicycle canopies to discover the perfect shelter for you and your environment. We offer a range of designs which can be manufactured using a multitude of materials including metal structures, glass and polycarbonate to suit its purpose and surroundings.

If your hospital or care home, school or commercial premises is in need of an external bike canopy or cycle shelter, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are contactable via our online contact form for a free quote.

Benefits of a cycle shelter

So, why should you install a cycle shelter at your school or business? What advantages will it bring?
According to Cycling UK, only 4% of the UK population above 18 cycle daily or nearly every day. Only 2% of 5-10 year olds and 3% of 11-16 year olds cycle to school and only 4% of the population cycle to work (between 2012-2016). These worrying statics are something you have the power to change in your school or organisation. By simply installing a bike shelter you will encourage students or employees to use their bike to travel to school or work.

By encouraging students or employees to cycle more frequently, not only are there many health benefits related to cycling, exercise is also linked to increased satisfaction, motivation and morale. As a result, you can expect to see increased work productivity and quality, thus greater achievements and successes. Even better, regular cyclists take more than one day per year less off sick compared to non-cycling colleagues (Cycling UK).

What’s more, bikes can be an expensive investment, so by providing secure shelters or parking facilities, students, parents and employees will have greater confidence cycling to their destination knowing their bikes will be left in a safe, secure location. Rest assured your bike will be protected from the threat of theft and/or vandalism.

A bike compound or cycle hub also offers protection from the elements. Whether it’s a scorching hot day, or its torrential rain showers outside, these conditions can have a damaging effect on the quality and longevity of your bike.

Our Bike Shelters and Canopies are Made to Measure

Quality and customisation are just two of the values we follow here at Clovis Canopies. We understand that no single canopy is suitable for each environment and purpose, that’s why each of our canopies is individually designed and crafted to suit the environment in question.

The placement of your bike canopy may be a key factor in deciding the style and materials used for your shelter. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and vision for the structure. Our canopies are not restricted to standard modular sizes offering flexibility to fit the structure to the space available maximising the covered area for the funds available.

Request a Quote

You can either request a quote from us, or explore our projects to see how previous customers have designed their cycle storage solutions and utilised available space for maximum functionality and benefit. Alternatively, you can give us a call to dicuss your needs.

For bike shelters we recommend opting for a barrel canopy or a lean-to canopy.

We also provide canopies for the following industries:

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