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Canopy Uses

Covered Walkways

Clovis Canopies offer free standing and wall mounted covered walkway systems in a range of styles glazed or fabric clad or a metal framed canopy to suit your needs, from contemporary dual pitch canopy styles to low-rise curved barrel designs. All of our walkway canopy systems can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, and we can even install side panels and lights if required.

If you believe our high quality walkways are suitable for your premises, let us know by requesting a quote, and our canopy professionals will be in touch.

Benefits of a Covered Walkway

Why invest in walkway canopies?

As sites expand, facilities often become detached from the surrounding buildings. As a result, moving between different areas of a site can be uncomfortable during inclement weather. Carpeted floors can deteriorate quite quickly – especially when it’s raining – and students, patients, customers, and staff may have to remain in wet clothes for significant periods of time if not suitably sheltered from the elements.

Our walkway canopies eliminate these problems by creating a sheltered corridor for all-year-round weather protection. Our stylish covered walkways provide shelter from the elements for people moving between buildings, whilst at the same time enhancing the overall appearance of the facility. Our walkway canopies are perfect for schools and universities as well as many kinds of commercial and retail premises, hospitals and care homes, train stations and garden centres, and they provide a cost-effective way of connecting existing buildings and facilities.

While our school canopies are perfect for creating sheltered areas for students to congregate, our walkway canopies are ideal for connecting separate school buildings – usually mobile classrooms and temporary study facilities – and facilitating the comfortable transition of teachers and students between buildings.

To find out more about our covered walkways, give us a call on 01622 873904.

Quality Guarantee as Standard

Our covered walkways are constructed from a variety of high-quality materials that are covered by our industry-leading quality guarantee. The framework of our canopies is guaranteed for 25 years against failure from wind and snow loadings; our polycarbonate canopies and fabric cladding are guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration from sunlight; and our powder coat finishes are guaranteed to last 15 years. We aim for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time, and we’re confident that no other outdoor canopy supplier manufactures canopies as durable as ours.

Our covered walkway expertise

We offer a range of purpose-built walkway systems to facilitate the safe and dry transition of students, patients, staff and customers between buildings, and with over 20 years’ experience of designing and installing covered walkways for clients across a wide range of industries, you can trust Clovis Canopies to get the job done right first time, every time.

Whether you need a free standing walkway canopy with glass side panels to shelter residents as they walk between buildings (as we supplied for the Riverside apartment complex in Cambridge) or a large, curved cantilevered walkway cover to protect students and staff from the elements as they move between buildings (as seen at The Deepings comprehensive school in Oxford), Clovis Canopies can design, manufacture and install a covered walkway to suit your requirements.

To find out more about our covered walkways, give us a call on 01622 873904.

Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
After sales service

Applicable Designs

Keston Dual-pitch Walkway Canopy

A dual-pitched walkway canopy clad with either polycarbonate or glass. Downloads Keston Polycarbonate

Ascot Cantilever Entrance Canopy

The Ascot Cantilever entrance canopy uses a more substantial single piece hoop. The roof of the canopy can either be clad with flame retardant waterproof PVC fabric or polycarbonate.

Cambridge Cantilever Entrance Canopy

The Cambridge Cantilever free standing structure can be used as an entrance canopy, or extended to create a covered walkway. Supplied either with bolted glass, polycarbonate or 6.4mm laminated glass…

Cambridge Cantilever Gull-wing Canopy

The Cambridge Cantilever Gull-wing structure can be used as an entrance canopy or extended to create a covered walkway. Supplied clad with either polycarbonate, or bolted glass, or glass laid…


Example Projects


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Frequently asked questions

Can we view existing canopies, so that we know what we are buying?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company, it is in fact strongly recommended that you visit an existing installation to see exactly what you are paying for. At Clovis Canopies we are proud of our work and are happy to arrange (with the clients consent) for you to view examples of our work and structures.

Do you use Polycarbonate, PETG, GRP or Acrylic for non fabric cladding?

At Clovis Canopies we use polycarbonate roofing as although slightly more expensive, we find it has a better combination of strength, impact resistance, sheet size and colour, fire / flame resistance and longevity of life than any of the other above mentioned cheaper materials.

How is the polycarbonate sheeting attached to the framework?

We use a two part glazing bar on our canopies with rubber gasket or cushions to attach the roof polycarbonate sheets as this allows for the expansion of the sheets as the weather heats up or cools down. The rubber gaskets as well as creating a watertight seal greatly reduce noise levels as the sheets expand and contract. We do not screw sheets directly to the framework as this can lead to the roofing sheets buckling and potentially causing leaks due to the possibility of screw heads popping off. In addition to this we never lap one sheet over the other as this can result in an algae build-up resulting in unsightly discoloured patches in the roof.

Will our concerns over children and staff safety be addressed prior to installation?

We have been working within schools for many years. All contractors are Clovis approved and CRB checked. Full risk assessments are carried out prior to starting installation taking into consideration your requirements and safety fencing is erected wherever needed at no additional charge.

Will there be any additional hidden charges to the quotation?

No, our prices are all inclusive.

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