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Canopy Uses

Passenger Waiting Shelters & Lift Canopies

Our train station canopies, specifically designed for door and lift entrances, provide perfect protection from the elements for commuters waiting to use a lift. They also eliminate the need for placing structural columns near railway platform lift entrances.

Clovis Canopies’ railway platform shelters support the “Railways for All” accessibility strategy, which was launched in 2006. The scheme identified a need to provide disabled customers with easy access to all platforms where no other safe alternative means of access is available, which therefore lead to the provision of new “User-Friendly” footbridges and obstacle-free lift access. Part of the “Railways for All” strategy is to include entrance canopies at lift doors to provide shelter for people waiting to use them.

To browse our vast range of entrance canopies for other domestic and commercial uses, please visit our entrance canopies page.

If your organisation is looking to protect your passengers from the elements, contact Clovis Canopies and discuss your vision.

The Benefits of Lift Entrance Canopies

Our high quality cantilevered train station canopies are available in a variety of different sizes and designs, and provide the following benefits:

Protection for waiting lift users – Our entrance canopies are specially designed to provide sufficient shelter for waiting customers during inclement weather. With our railway platform lift shelters, passengers will able to wait for their train without getting wet.
Removes the need for columns – Each one of our entrance canopies are built to perfectly fit the area in which the lift is situated. We ensure our station lift canopies project to 1500mm, providing complete protection for the passenger. The intelligent and practical design of our cantilevered canopies eliminates the need for columns, which may restrict customer access — especially the disabled.
Train Station Canopies in a Range of Styles & Materials

Our bespoke train station canopies and lift shelters come in a huge variety of styles and materials including metal canopies, glass cladding and polycarbonate awnings, making them a perfect fit for literally any location! Enhance the aesthetics of your station platform with a modern, sleek-looking canopy, or instead opt for the more traditional appeal that many old stations strive to maintain.

We recommend the following canopy designs for train stations and public transport: entrance canopies, cantilever canopies and lean-to canopies.

Nationwide Supply & Installation

Clovis has installed high-quality canopies at many train stations across the UK, and with a huge surge in demand for commercial door canopies, we expect to rapidly increase the number of installations in the near future.

To get an idea of the various train station projects we have undertaken in the past, please view our Docklands Light RailwayBridgend Station and Leominster Station project pages. These train station canopy projects all feature our stylish Uxbridge Wall-Mounted Canopy and all provide excellent protection from rain and snow at the lift shaft entrance. Manufactured in extremely durable polycarbonate, our lift entrance canopies can be used on all train station platform / ground-level access points and areas where posts are not appropriate.

We also provide canopies for the following market sectors:

Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
After sales service

Applicable Designs

Apollo Entrance Canopy

The polycarbonate clad Apollo entrance canopy is one of the most popular of our entrance canopy designs. The Apollo is supported by two or more columns and is entirely freestanding.…

Cambridge Cantilever Wall Mounted Canopy

The Cambridge style covers a small range of canopies for use as entrance canopies or covered walkways. The basic principle is based on bladed ‘glazing’ supports that are either cantilevered…

Oxford Entrance Canopy

The Oxford entrance canopy can either be clad with flame retardant waterproof PVC fabric or polycarbonate. Generally secured and supported by four columns, the Oxford entrance canopy uses the popular…

Uxbridge Wall Mounted Entrance Canopy

Developed from the standard freestanding column supported version, the wall mounted polycarbonate clad Uxbridge entrance canopy design removes the requirement for columns fixed to the ground by fixing directly to…


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