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Canopy Uses

Loading Bay and Storage Canopies

If you need to shelter your loading bay/storage area from the elements, our industrial canopies are the ideal solution. Made from the highest quality materials and backed by our industry-leading 25-year metal canopy framework guarantee, our warehouse canopies and loading bay covers will provide shelter and shade for your staff, products and equipment for years to come.

Our Industrial Canopies are available in a range of styles, such as our Crescent Barrel and Keston Lean-To models. The Crescent Barrel is a large-span, fabric-clad canopy structure that features a trellis arch design and is suitable for all industrial applications as well as large communal areas such as school dining areas. The Keston Lean-To, on the other hand, is a polycarbonate, mono-pitched canopy that can butt up to walls or over sail existing roofs and gutters with creating an additional roof valley.

Over the last 45 years, we’ve installed hundreds of canopies and shelters at industrial sites, warehouses and factories across the UK. This has helped them enhance their businesses and extend their outdoor space. With our wealth of experience, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the UK’s leading industrial canopy suppliers. For complete flexibility and outstanding customer service, you can’t beat a Clovis canopy.

Industrial Canopy Features

Our warehouse and factory canopies are designed to perform in heavy-duty environments and include a number of important features, including:

  • Strong and durable steel framework with a 25-year guarantee;
  • A choice of colours from the standard RAL colour range;
  • Secure fixing onto concrete pads for extra security;
  • Super-strong, fire-resistant polycarbonate roofing material, guaranteed for 10 years;
  • Complete flexibility and extendability;
  • Suitability for all goods in/out loading bay areas;
  • Waterproof cladding material making them perfect for all-year-round use; and
  • An option for Class B non-fragile roofing.
Why Choose a Clovis Industrial Canopy?

With over 45 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and installing the best industrial canopies in the UK, you’re in safe hands with Clovis. We offer a 25-year guarantee on all canopy framework, a 15-year guarantee on the powder coat finishing and a 10-year guarantee on fabric cladding and polycarbonate coverings.

For loading and storage bay environments we recommend opting for a barrel canopy, lean-to canopy, dual pitch canopy, wave form canopy or general use canopy.

We also provide canopies for the following industries:

Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
After sales service

Applicable Designs

Ascot Barrel Vault Canopy

The Ascot Barrel Vault design uses a single rolled box section for the roof arches giving a clean line to the roof. The barrel format brings the eaves down on…

Keston Dual-pitch Canopy

The Keston Dual-pitch canopy is purpose designed for the public market, this is not a lightweight domestic canopy designed for residential patio areas. Using structural steel sections large uninterrupted spans…

Oxford XL Barrel Vault Canopy

The Oxford XL Barrel Vault is a large span canopy structure using a trellis arch design. It is ideal for large communal areas such as covered outdoor dining and recreation…

Crescent Barrel Vault Canopy

The Crescent Barrel Vault is a large span canopy structure using a tapered trellis arch design. It is ideal for large communal areas such as covered outdoor dining and recreation…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your canopies usable all year in all weathers?

Yes unlike some solutions that need to be taken down in the winter or during high winds our canopies are designed to be useable all year round. The cladding materials as well as providing shade are also waterproof so that they can be used during wet weather.

Can we view existing canopies, so that we know what we are buying?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company, it is in fact strongly recommended that you visit an existing installation to see exactly what you are paying for. At Clovis Canopies we are proud of our work and are happy to arrange (with the clients consent) for you to view examples of our work and structures.

What are Building Regulations and will they affect me?

In relation to our canopies Building Regulations specify the standard to which they should be built i.e. strength, fire rating of materials etc. Again it is advisable to contact your local Building Control officer(s), as a rule of thumb any canopy over 30m2 will require conformity to building regulations and an application will need to be made although this figure can be lower. Most of our structures are supplied conforming to the requirements for these regulations as standard and generic sets of structural calculations can be supplied free of charge to demonstrate to Building Control the integrity of the proposed structure and foundations.

What colour can the framework be?

Each canopy framework is supplied in the colour of choice from the standard RAL range. A match for most school colour schemes can be found with that range if required.

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