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Rugged metal canopies you can trust

Metal Canopies

If you’re looking for a more robust shading solution, our metal framed canopy collection offers resilience against adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail and snow.

For some locations, a metal canopy or awning is desirable compared to more fragile materials. With a metal frame, perhaps it suits the environment for an industrial area like a loading bay canopy, or you’d like a simple but functional playground structure to extend your outdoor space. Either way, our steel canopy structures offer a contemporary and minimalist feel to your site but are also durable against dents and damage. Like all our canopies, our metal awnings provide a unique experience for your customers by enhancing the outdoor space they enjoy, free from safety and weather concerns.

We specialise in structures and awnings that require minimal maintenance and add an elegant aesthetic to commercial and business areas. Coupled with reasonable pricing and unbelievable quality, it’s a struggle to see why you’d go anywhere else!

From Design to Installation

Clovis Canopies are proud to offer an array of designs, material and colour options on all of our metal structures. Every building exterior is different, you’ll want to tailor the shape and material of your canopy accordingly.

Select either a freestanding or building-supported structure in any size to ensure that, regardless of the purpose, your metal awning will be ideal for you. Simple or complex, we adapt to your building shape and can even accommodate difficult areas rarely reached by conventional coverings. Your canopy will look professional and immaculate when the project is complete.

Our selection of distinctive architectural designs include barrel canopies, covered walkways, gull-wing shapes and more. If you’re unsure which shape would be most appropriate for your area, our accomplished canopy experts offer objective recommendations, taking into account your budget and specific requirements. If you prefer to work with an architect, we consult with them too, and often collaborate on designs. Whatever you decide, we take a flexible approach in helping you achieve your vision.

We work in all sectors including commercial, education, warehouse and logistics, hospitals and care homes, and garden centres. If you’re interested in partnering with us to extend your outdoor space, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more.

Why Clovis Canopies?

  • Built with durability in mind

Providing a metal awning simply for appearance isn’t enough for a functioning business or residential area. A quality canopy can be a sound investment, but only if it generates a return. Therefore, Clovis supply and install heavy-duty shelters that breeze through casual wear and tear, withstand weather damage and heavy loads such as substantial snowfall. Tried and tested, they’re sturdy enough to withstand damages and scrapes that would wreak havoc on traditional canopies.

Every canopy we manufacture is accompanied by a 25-year framework guarantee to provide assurance on the quality of our workmanship and building materials. This means your environment will look fresh and perfectly complimented for many years to come.

  • Built for your requirements

Our canopies are flexible so that they can be repurposed depending on seasonality to meet new business opportunities. For example, our school shelters can also be used as parent waiting areas, and our garden centre canopies could be transformed into an outside dining area for your customers.

  • Outstanding service

We know that keeping customers happy is the best and most sustainable way to generate business. With that in mind, going the extra mile is a natural part of our first-rate customer service. Our team effortlessly juggles projects from start to finish, arranging a project management plan for each site and keeping our customers informed along the way.

  • Range of materials – steel, polycarbonate, waterproof PVC fabric, and more.

Just because our world is all about canopies, it doesn’t mean yours is too. We keep disruption to a minimum and let you focus on what matters. Staff are comprehensively trained with industry-renowned health and safety qualifications in the interests of your location.

Want to know more? Let us know how we can help and discuss your canopy ideas with us today. Whether you have a question for us, or would like a detailed quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Metal Canopies
Clovis Canopies is a trading division of Clovis Lande Associates Ltd.