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Flintshire Crematorium

Clovis Canopies were approached by an architects practice with a design they wanted to have manufactured for a new crematorium being opened in Flintshire. What the architect was trying to achieve for their client seemed straightforward at first glance, but on closer inspection there was an issue that needed to be overcome – the length of the walkway. The structure required was a bespoke dual pitched canopy measuring 5.35m wide x 4.54m long with a glazed roof and two glazed side panels that would serve as the chapel exit area flower garden, and this shelter would be linked to the 100-seater chapel by a 3.54m wide x 8.15m long covered walkway on just four posts, normally there would be six. The walkway needed to have as few posts as possible so that a car or cars entering and exiting the car park could pass underneath, and also allow mourners exiting the chapel or flower garden to enter their waiting vehicle from both sides unimpeded.

  • Shape: Dual Pitched
  • Sidewall Panels: Glass
  • Support: Free Standing
  • Hoop Style: Single Box
  • Cladding Type: Glass Patent Glazed
  • Location: Flintshire
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