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Oakwood High School – Covered Dining/Social Area Canopy no. 1

We were approached by the school to supply and install a canopy for student use as an outside dining and social area. What was thought to be a straightforward installation became problematic when it was discovered that the canopy was to be installed on top of an attenuation tank. This meant the foundations for the canopy had to be shallower than usual with strategic placement to lessen the loading impact on the tank. This freestanding waterproof PVC fabric clad Oxford XL Barrel Vault style canopy measures approximately 13.5m wide x 10m long with an additional 4m x 4m link canopy bridging the gap between the main canopy and the entrance.

  • Shape: Barrel Vault
  • Support: Free Standing
  • Hoop Style: Lattice
  • Cladding Type: Fabric
  • Location: Rotherham
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Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
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Will I require planning permission?

We always advise that you call your local planning authority as there are no hard and fast rules. They will advise on whether you require planning permission for your proposed canopy. Although it differs from region to region canopies under 30m2 may not require permission but this can be affected by situations such as proximity to neighbours, listed building status, conservation areas etc. so it always best to check. We are happy to provide free of charge, scaled drawings etc. of the proposed canopy structure to assist your application should you require.

What are Building Regulations and will they affect me?

In relation to our canopies Building Regulations specify the standard to which they should be built i.e. strength, fire rating of materials etc. Again it is advisable to contact your local Building Control officer(s), as a rule of thumb any canopy over 30m2 will require conformity to building regulations and an application will need to be made although this figure can be lower. Most of our structures are supplied conforming to the requirements for these regulations as standard and generic sets of structural calculations can be supplied free of charge to demonstrate to Building Control the integrity of the proposed structure and foundations.

Do you fix your canopies directly onto tarmac?

No, all canopies are fixed on to concrete pads or bases as the structures can lift out from the ground if not fixed into a suitable concrete base due to the uplift created by wind acting on the roof area.

Will there be any additional hidden charges to the quotation?

No, our prices are all inclusive.

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