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Lean-to Canopies

Our lean-to canopies are perfect for covering longer walkways or offering additional protected space next to buildings, such as for outdoor eating areas.  As our image gallery will testify within each product page, they are one of Clovis’ most versatile ranges and have also been used to protect entrance doors and school playgrounds. Depending on the design, there are different options for roof cladding, length of canopy and colour.  Get in touch today to discuss the creation of your perfect canopy!
Ascot Lean-to Canopy

The Ascot lean-to design uses a single rolled box section for the roof arches giving a clean line to the roof. The lean-to format can be used to butt up…

Oxford Lean-to Canopy

The Oxford twin hoop, trellis arch design is one of the most popular in our range of canopies. The lean-to format can be used to butt up to existing walls…

Keston Mono-pitch Lean-to Canopy

The Keston Mono-pitch Lean-to canopy is purpose designed for the public market, this is not a lightweight domestic canopy designed for the domestic patio. Using large structural steel sections uninterrupted…

Keston Mono-pitch Lean-to Walkway Canopy

Polycarbonate or glass cladding, mono-pitch lean-to style walkway canopy. Downloads Keston Polycarbonate  

Bespoke Canopies

We can fabricate almost any size and shape canopy, using fabric, polycarbonate or glass as the cladding material. Our standard structures and canopies are available in a wide variety of…

Our range of lean-to canopies is one of our most diverse – they are ideal for covering walkways or offering additional protected space alongside buildings, such as for outdoor eating or sitting areas, but also provide protection for entrance doors and school playgrounds. Each design comes with options for length, colour and multiple types of roof cladding.

The Oxford Lean-to Canopy is popular within primary schools – hang sensory artwork or educational items from the canopy’s trellis arches; choose the Keston Mono Lean-to to shelter walkways or the Aston Lean-to uses a single rolled tubular box section for the roof arches giving a clean line to the roof.

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Bespoke Lean-to Canopies

Clovis Canopies also design lean-to canopies by bespoke specifications. We understand that every building is different and are happy to work with you to identify the type and style of lean-to canopy that will be most suitable for your premises.

As specialist steel fabricators, we are experienced in constructing a variety of types of lean-to canopies for different uses. We usually use fabric, polycarbonate or glass roof cladding material, and can incorporate side panels where required.

Whether you’re looking for a canopy that will integrate into your existing building with matching colours and materials, or something more unique to breathe new life into a site, Clovis Canopies can provide the material, style, shape, colour and expertise to ensure that each project is a success.

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Why Choose Clovis for Lean-to Canopies?

At Clovis Canopies, all of our products are British-made with durable, hard-wearing materials to ensure that our lean-to canopies are functional and effective all year round. We’re confident in our products, so they each come with a 25-year framework guarantee and are designed with a 50-year structural design life.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and excellent customer care and are accredited with an ISO9000 quality control certification – as well as ISO14001 (environmental) and OHAS18001 (health and safety) standards.

To find out more about lean-to canopies or discuss your requirements with a Clovis expert, get in touch.


Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
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