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Garden Centre Planteria and Walkway Canopies

A range of galvanised or powder coated large span structures for covering outdoor sales areas.

Our range of galvanised or powder coated garden centre canopies offer an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment for your visitors to browse your plants and other products. With more and more people across the UK visiting garden centres each year, it’s increasingly important to make the most of your available space. Consumers now demand a better shopping experience than ever, which is why it is important that any exposed areas are sheltered if necessary. Our large-span garden centre canopies and covers for outdoor sales areas will help you to do that, allowing your customers to appreciate the beauty of your plants while sheltered from the wind, rain and snow.

Durable Garden Shelter Canopies for garden centres

Installing a canopy in your garden centre will not only help to keep your visitors dry and comfortable, but it could help to increase sales too. Covering your outside sales space with one of our canopies will help to keep your flowers and plants looking good all year round regardless of the weather, thereby reducing stock damage or loss and increasing profits. Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre is a prime example of how a Clovis canopy has been used to extend the “indoor” sales area, maximise available space and provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience.

As well as being a sound commercial investment for any garden centre with an outside space in which they display plants and flowers, our canopies and covers are also extremely versatile. Able to cover large areas within a set budget or awkward areas that would be difficult or expensive to cover with conventional structures, our garden centre canopies can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Customers can also choose between various materials including metal structures, polycarbonate awnings and glass canopies.

Our canopies are also extremely durable and robust. Clovis Canopies can supply and install non-fragile canopies and shelters that can withstand heavy impacts without sustaining noticeable damage, as demonstrated by our 45kg drop test. Our non-fragile garden centre canopies are extremely strong and can withstand knocks and scrapes that would dent, crack or even shatter most other types of canopies and covers.

Our garden centre canopy uses

Garden centre canopies can also be used to house extra seasonal shopping areas or even restaurant and coffee shop areas, thereby expanding the commercial opportunities available to your garden centre. A weatherproof canopy from Clovis will turn your garden centre into more than just a place to buy flowers and other plants; it will expand the possibilities for your business and allow it to fully cater to the needs of your visitors, whatever the time of year.

Our garden centre canopies also have another, more subtle use: they can be used to encourage customer movement to various areas of your centre and guide them to special promotions and those products that drive high-profit margins. Your garden centre’s physical environment affects the way in which shoppers interact with your merchandise, and it ultimately affects how much money customers spend.

We manufacture our garden centre canopies from the highest quality materials and design them to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your garden centre, giving a flawless look which is bound to impress your customers. If you’re considering covering an exposed area of your sales space or replacing an existing garden centre canopy, get in touch for a free quote. Customers can benefit from a dry covered walkway and protective entrance canopies.

We also provide canopies for the following industries:

Why Clovis Canopies?
British made
Made to measure
Up to 25 year framework guarantee & 50 year structural design life
All year round use
After sales service

Applicable Designs

Oxford XL Barrel Vault Canopy

The Oxford XL Barrel Vault is a large span canopy structure using a trellis arch design. It is ideal for large communal areas such as covered outdoor dining and recreation…

Oxford Barrel Vault Canopy

The Oxford Barrel Vault twin hoop, trellis arch design is one of the most popular in our range of canopies. The barrel format brings the eaves down on either side…

Crescent Barrel Vault Canopy

The Crescent Barrel Vault is a large span canopy structure using a tapered trellis arch design. It is ideal for large communal areas such as covered outdoor dining and recreation…

Ascot Barrel Vault Canopy

The Ascot Barrel Vault design uses a single rolled box section for the roof arches giving a clean line to the roof. The barrel format brings the eaves down on…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your canopies usable all year in all weathers?

Yes unlike some solutions that need to be taken down in the winter or during high winds our canopies are designed to be useable all year round. The cladding materials as well as providing shade are also waterproof so that they can be used during wet weather.

Can we view existing canopies, so that we know what we are buying?

If you are considering purchasing a canopy from any company, it is in fact strongly recommended that you visit an existing installation to see exactly what you are paying for. At Clovis Canopies we are proud of our work and are happy to arrange (with the clients consent) for you to view examples of our work and structures.

What are Building Regulations and will they affect me?

In relation to our canopies Building Regulations specify the standard to which they should be built i.e. strength, fire rating of materials etc. Again it is advisable to contact your local Building Control officer(s), as a rule of thumb any canopy over 30m2 will require conformity to building regulations and an application will need to be made although this figure can be lower. Most of our structures are supplied conforming to the requirements for these regulations as standard and generic sets of structural calculations can be supplied free of charge to demonstrate to Building Control the integrity of the proposed structure and foundations.

What guarantees are offered?

Subject to appropriate cleaning and maintenance we offer the following guarantees:-

  • Framework – 25 years against failure within design, wind and snow loadings
  • Polycarbonate – 10 years against discolouration from sunlight
  • Fabric Cladding – 10 years against degradation / failure from sunlight

We aim for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.

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